Read: “Asian studies department marks 70th anniversary” – Cornell Chronicle, May 25, 2016

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John M. Echols Collection on Southeast Asia

“Established in 1977, the Southeast Asia Collection was named in honor of John M. Echols, professor of linguistics and literature in the Southeast Asia Program, who devoted three decades to its development. The Echols Collection has been a joint undertaking of the university, the library, and the Southeast Asia Program with the goal of acquiring a copy of every publication of research value produced in the countries of Southeast Asia and publications about the region published in other parts of the world.”

SEAP Publications


Researching the Vietnam Wars

“This blog was produced by students in the Cornell Freshman Writing Seminar on the Vietnam Wars in Film in order to share their experiences researching their final projects.” HISTORY 1138: The Vietnam Wars in Film (Spring 2016) taught by Rebecca Townsend, Ph.D. candidate in History at Cornell University.


  • Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese History
  • Introduction to Southeast Asia
  • Southeast Asian History
  • The Arts of Southeast Asia
  • Southeast Asian Politics

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