SEAP Gatty Lecture March 2 features Professor Danielle Labbé


Danielle Labbé, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Montreal

Youth and Public Space in Hanoi

Danielle Labbé’s research is focused on the inter-relations between the production and appropriation of urban space in Vietnam. Her work uses a combination of historical, process-oriented, and social agency perspectives to explore the encounters between state intentions, governing practices, and everyday life during the urbanization process. Through this approach, Danielle’s research shows that, although taking place during a so-called “global era,” the ongoing urban transition in Vietnam remains deeply rooted in local circumstances. Placed in a comparative context, her research on this Southeast Asian country contributes to larger theoretical debates about state-society relations, urban governance, and regulatory informality in the fields of urban planning, human geography, and urban anthropology.